• surfing

Among the different water sports, wave surfing is one of those with the oldest origins. It consists in riding the waves using a surfboard that allows to glide along the wall of the wave.

In recent years it is becoming an increasingly popular discipline thanks to its diffusion and the evolution of materials that allow a gradual and fun approach even for beginners.

This sport also allows you to experience the sea in a perfect union between man and the surrounding environment that is difficult to find in other situations.

To be able to practice surfing you must have a good aquatic skills and the first step is the understanding of the dynamics of the movement of the sea. The best way to start surfing is to take a dedicated course and be followed by an instructor.

The waves in Italy are confined mostly in the winter months but through our activities and with the advice of our instructors you will be directed to the most suitable spot for your level both in Italy and abroad.

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