About Us

FreewaterH2O is an amateur sports association that was founded with the idea of creating a meeting place for all fans of sea-related activities.

The key point in the aims of the association is to spread through the numerous activities the knowledge and the safeguard of the marine world, a world open to everyone and full of surprises.

For us, the marine environment is a precious heritage that must be protected and safeguarded, a heritage on which the future of our generations depends and that too often is put in the background.

We organize a lot of activities such as: courses for adults and children, excursions, freediving, sailing, snorkeling, practice of meditative disciplines, fishing courses and outings, free swimming in the sea, underwater photography and video, environmental protection activities.
We want to spread through the activities that we propose the knowledge and protection of the marine world, a world open to all and largely still to be discovered.

The association has offices in Italy and abroad and organizes various activities for both adults and children such as: underwater activities, sailing, snorkeling, boat trips, practice of meditative disciplines, fishing lessons and excursions, swimming, underwater photography and video…

To become part of our sports family and participate in the activities is very simple, contact us, and we will provide you with all the information you need.



Francesco Pingi, president and founder of ASD FreeWaterH2O, has always cultivated his great love for the sea. Naturalist and supporter of environmental protection, he graduated in law with a thesis on environmental law entitled “Marine Strategy and Marine Waste”. He has always been passionate about freediving, after having undertaken a long path of freediving school he became an instructor in 2016 in order to transmit and let people discover the emotions of this discipline.

Vice President

Michele Conflitti, vice president and co-founder of ASD FreeWaterH2O. He graduated from the University of Foro Italico in motor and sports sciences and later obtained a master’s degree in “Sports marketing and management” at the University of Tor Vergata. Passionate about water sports and sport fishing, he has always had a strong attraction for the sea. He is currently involved in the protection of the marine environment that he wants to promote also through associative activities.

Our partners

FreeWaterH2O is affiliated with the sports promotion organization MSP Italy, recognized by CONI.

The association also collaborates with: