Our activities are also aimed at the youngest.

We organize several initiatives in a context suitable for children and young people to approach the world of the sea through a fun experience.

The courses are aimed at improving the motor skills of children in a different environment from the land, through a path that allows them to develop:

  • Sensory physical acclimatization.
  • Formation of new motor schemes.
  • Water safety education.
  • Knowledge of the marine environment.

Skin Diving

The PADI SkinDiver course, dedicated to children from 8 years of age, is a free diving initiation course to learn from an early age the safety behavioural rules to be kept in the water and the use of the equipment.

The child will learn the correct use of their body in the aquatic environment and some basic information about the marine environment.

Basic Freediver

The Basic Freediver course is dedicated to children from 12 years old who want to learn how to go underwater silently as long as their breathing allows it in total safety.
It is an initial course aimed at learning basic freediving techniques through a course based on fundamental elements such as respiratory coordination and the improvement of body perceptions in an environment different from the terrestrial one.

It is divided into theoretical development and confined waters.

Theoretical development to learn breathing, coordination and some aspects of the marine environment; Sessions in confined waters to practice and learn the disciplines of static and dynamic apnea.

At the end of the courses and at the achievement of the objectives the student will receive the international PADI patent to be used worldwide.

All initiatives for children are designed so that mothers and fathers can do activities together with their children.

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