Fishing is not only a professional activity of human sustenance, but also and above all, a sporting activity full of emotions.

We organize courses and fishing trips with experts in the field with the aim of spreading the knowledge and practice of fishing in an environmentally sustainable way in respect of the environment and the regulations.

We are committed to the dissemination of information on minimum measures of the catch and periods of fishing due to the reproduction of fish species.

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Apnea fishing

For decades and still today in general culture underwater fishing and underwater fisherman are seen as the evil of the sea.

Through our activities and our courses we try to make people understand how in reality, contrary to what is unfortunately thought, spearfishing, far from being the most harmful fishing, is the most eco-sustainable fishing specialty as it allows a real selection of the catch.

We organize courses and outings with experts in the field to improve and refine the various techniques of freediving.

During the courses and outings will be deepened:

  • The behavioral rules of safety to be kept in the water.
  • The rules governing freediving in Italy.
  • Risks associated with freediving.
  • Behavior of fish species.
  • Athletic preparation.
  • Marine environment.
  • Fishing action planning.

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